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Posted By Patrick

I recently had an email from a friend of mine, who had been driving her son home from something or another. And through some circuitous conversational channels, they ended up talking about types of intelligence… and he came up with a secondary school taxonomy. There are three kingdoms: the “mature kingdom,” characterized by logical thinking; the “popular” kingdom, of kids with practical or hands-on intelligence; and an “immature” realm with kids having an academic intelligence.
So here’s the summary: “The mature kingdom is comprised of kids who take courses they're interested in, whether they excel at them or not, because they have a genuine interest in the subject matter and enjoy interesting discussion about ideas.  Often they end up in the fine arts department, apparently.

The popular kingdom is self explanatory. The "practical" intelligence part is that things other teens aspire to or have to work at, come easily to them - eg. social skills, fashion, dating.

 The immature kingdom has two main sub-classes: the geeks (computer gamers) and the brainy kids - this is the part I thought was so interesting - the kids who get straight As by studying obsessively and following all the rules.  So being obedient and rule-bound are, according to X, signs of immaturity."

Nuff said for now...

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