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Posted By Patrick

It almost passed by without me noticing... but I figure that in my family we're allowed to be many weeks late with birthday greetings, so a couple of days lag for a couple of old dead guys shouldn't matter too much. But - July 11, last Sunday, marked the birthday of Alfred Binet, creator, with Theodore Simon, of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Test, the first widely adopted test, in 1905. He was born on that day in 1857, 153 years ago. And, in a nice chrono-coincidence, Simon himself, the other half of that team, was born on July 10, 1872 - a comparatively recent 138 years ago. Happy birthday Alfred & Theo! Everybody sing along!


But even though Binet and Simon came up with the first IQ test, which still is used in a much revised form, they didn't create the term "intelligence quotient" - that was Lewis Terman, who adapted their test into the Stanford Binet Intelligence Test in 1916. His birthday was January 15, 1877, so we're way to late for him. No song for you, Lewis!

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Aaron Johannes said...
Poor Binet; imagine one's ideas being linked to exactly the opposite of what one intended? He started off wanting to make sure that kids had enough support and later called the more generic misuse of his methods, "brutal pessimism": - something they never mentioned in my ed psych courses!
August 28, 2010 06:55:05
Robert said...
Hah! Those who never managed that leap over to the Jacobin calendar - that gift of the French Revolution - will be fascinated to note that Alfred Binet birthday would actually be 22 Messidor (or “Caraway”) LXV*, while that of Theodore Simon might still be remembered as 21 Messidor (or “Mint”) LXXX**. Today, just in case you were unaware, is 25 Messidor (or “Guinea Fowl”) CCXVIII, making last Sunday Caraway 243 (22 Messidor CCXVIII), anniversary CLIII of Binet’s birthday. HAPPY BASTILLE DAY! * if Binet's home town of Nice hadn't been a part of the Kingdom of Sardinia at the time, and if Napoleon (who occupied Nice for a time) hadn't canned the whole fruits and nuts calendar deal a mere 52 years before Binet's birth ... ** see "Napoleon" stuff above.
July 14, 2010 03:04:46
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