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Posted By Patrick

How time does fly. Somehow, an absence of several months has inserted itself into this blog posting - I can only assume that I was extremely busy & excited with other things.I've sorted out much of that excitement though, and am back to regular blogging. And, handily providing a transition from my last blog, I see that we have just passed the birthday of Lewis Terman, who took Alfred Binet & Theodore Simon's intelligence test and transformed it into the Stanford-Binet test, which still exists today (with revisions, of course). And, of course, he coined the term "intelligence quotient." I boldly predict here that the notion of "IQ" is, while not quite on its deathbed, in a severe decline. More on this later! In the meantime, Happy Belated Birthday, Lewis. Your contribution to the history of intelligence has had a good run...

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Murray said...
Hey Patrick. Never one to question your wisdom, as you know (mainly on lobster-related matters), can I point out that I think it was William Stern who came up with the name and notion of IQ. cheers Murray
January 22, 2013 08:53:51
Time Monster said...
looking for a copy of your book The Healing -- we service high school libraries and one of our customers is looking for a copy of this book....could you e-mail if title is avail and how much incl. shipping thanks Ava Time Monster, Richmond Hill, ON
April 13, 2011 11:06:41
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